We live in uncertain times. Nothing is guaranteed. Perhaps you hit a rough patch at work in the past couple of months. Or maybe some other bills have taken priority over your need for a new car. Times may be getting tight, but that is no reason you can't afford the sophisticated Kia model you've had your eye on for months. Danbury Kia is excited to help you out with your new Kia payments with the Payment Assistance Program.

Danbury Kia wants you to know we are here for you in your time of need. The Kia Payment Assistance Program is Danbury Kia's way of stepping up to get our valued customers behind the wheel of the great Kia model they deserve. One part of the Payment Assistance Program is Kia's Accelerate the Good Program. For the first three months of driving your select new Kia purchase, you won't make a single payment. Plus, you get Zero Percent APR financing for up to 75 months. It is just the start of the new purchase or leasing deals you'll find right now in Danbury. It is one way, Kia is helping protect those customers affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Your life has deemed you essential, and you need to keep up with things even as the country seems to be in a relative shut down during the current pandemic. But you shouldn't let that stop you from getting access to the car you need for a price you can afford. Danbury Kia understands that not everyone is in the same place, financially, as they might usually be. But we have faith in you. We know you are working hard to get back to normal. Let us help take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Shop for the new Kia you have always wanted and let Danbury Kia provide a hand up until you get back on track with the Payment Assistance Program.

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